Trap meets on the range every Thursday night around the year and Sunday night from April to November, or as interest is high (check the calendar). NFGA trap is open to the public.

Per round prices are $3.75 for NFGA members and $4.00 for guests.

As always, safety first! Eye and ear protection are required on the line and ear protection is recommended for those waiting and watching.

Our shot size is limited to #8 and #9 only. #7-1/2 shot is NOT allowed at NFGA trap field.

Contact the Trap Governor using the form below  for more information  about shooting trap at NFGA.

See you at the range!


Additional rules/guidelines in place related to COVID-19


  • Your use of NFGA Trap range is entirely at your own risk
  • Bring your own face covering/mask, hand sanitizer, wipes, etc. as you see necessary
  • If you don’t feel good, please stay home and get well before coming to the range
  • If you are visibly ill, we have right to ask you to leave

Social distancing

  • While shooters move between stations, 6 ft spacing is required including moving from station 5 to 1 behind other shooters\
  • While not on the shooting line, shooters should keep minimum 6 ft distance while waiting. It is recommended to rather stay at the parking area than at the patios or around the gun racks
  • Also, non active shooters should keep 6 ft distance to scorers seat while squad is shooting

Face coverings/masks

  • Generally, it is shooters responsibility to choose whether they use face covering/mask any time at the range
  • It is strongly recommended that when 6 ft distancing can’t be achieved, face covering/mask would be used. This includes e.g. loading trap machine, moving target cases from trap building into trap bunker, making payment for rounds, etc.
  • Be considerate to others at the range

Handling payments, sign up, etc.

  • Exact change is recommended as well as use of punch cards to reduce need to handle cash
  • Personal checks are also recommended especially when purchasing punch cards. If you know that you are going to shoot regularly, buy multiple cards at the same time (they won’t expire)

As in any other place you need to go and handle items that are in common use, clean your hands as needed and don’t touch your face before
cleaning up your hands. While wearing gloves helps you to not get infected as easily, keep in mind that it doesn’t prevent spreading this virus.


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Trap Rulebook Page

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