High Power Rifle

High power rifle shooting was originally based on courses of fire for military instruction. Today’s courses still include both slow and rapid fire stages shooting from the standing, sitting and prone positions. All are fired on fixed targets of standard dimensions at 200, 300, 500 and 600 yard distances. On Leveridge we fire various types of Matches that your scores go towards earning your NRA and CMP Classifications for these different types of matches. Please review the Courses of Fire Section for more info on each of the types of matches we fire.

Courses of Fire

Plese see the Leveridge Range page to to review the courses of fire for High Power Rifle and the other activities at that range.

2019 Schedules and Match Bulletins

Northeast Combined High Power Schedule
NFGA High Power Schedule

3×600 Mid Range Prone League
High Power Rifle Clinic – April 27, 2019
NE Regional High Power Rifle Championship – July 6, 2019
NFGA CMP EIC Match  – July 7, 2019
NH Mid-Range Prone State Championship – September 21, 2019


Basic High Power Info

Double Sided Pocket Size Scoring Sheets
Clinic Pitcrew Handout
AMU Service Rifle Marksmanship Guide

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Leveridge Range Calendar


Leveridge Rulebook Page


Leveridge Certification Procedure

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