Last night, at the general membership meeting, we solidified why NFGA is a members club. A club that like our Country that is for It’s people. Special in every way.

This project has (In some ways, not all) polarized our community. We all, every single one of us, wanted the best for NFGA from the very start. But the difference in how we argued was not about our own individual voice, but rather what we thought was best for Us. The Club. What made common sense, finical sense, protective sense…

To each us, our single voice, as an individual speaking for the team, we had a duty and responsibility to do what we felt was best for the Club. What was best for our team. Best for NFGA.

Proven last night.

We, as a team, as a friendship, decided, we are going to do this project, and those who voiced caution, still did so. And those that voiced skepticism, still did so. And those who supported the effort did so. And those who felt we should talk less and do more, still felt the same, but now with a new focus.

It is now in the Execution of Our project. The questions last night all focused on the doing, not the what if of what could be.

You make me know, I am Blessed to be among you. I trust in what our path will be, and like you, I am proud to be on the NFGA team.

Thank you for you, your support. Be safe out there.

PS We still are taking contributions for the Procter Fund;)