The Construction Manager has been Chosen and we are reviewing contracts! Please review the excerpt below that highlights our report to the Leadership, Governors, and Trustees. If you wish to have the full report, please email me and I will supply.

We Interviewed three firms and have chosen Conneston Construction

 Architect of Record:Samyn-D’Elia Architects, P.A.

General Feedback on Committee Decision

  • Our renovation is simple and complex.  We have a simple box, but in that box we have unique and specific needs.  We approached this decision on the Construction Manager (CM) with specific criteria and would not compromise on the following:
    • A Safe facility
    • A well-lit, heated facility
    • A Cost Effective Project
    • That meets an aggressive schedule
    • Meets the needs set forth by its Members
    • Be focused on the future, with a horizon of 50 years
    • Not restrict the current use of our property
  • The firm we choose , CCI, represented the ideal characteristics and illustrated the following:
    • Was prepared for the meeting with a working budget, that did not match our current scopes of work (SOW), but did address some key items.
    • Had the back of house operations that could support the complexity of the estimating on this project and would produce a timely response in summary of the bids they receive. 
    • That aggressively sought out the right solutions at a fair price, that met the time horizon we set for the facility. 
    • Would be able to work with local resources:
      • Trades
      • Understanding NH Towns and Town Management
    • That had a track record of success generally, and specifically in projects of our size and larger.
    • Would be able to work with the Architect effectively for predictive analysis, trouble shooting and coordination. 
    • Was financially stable to support the project and manage the costs with overages and other contingency issues. 
    • Able to bring several strong quotes due to size and reputation of their business. 
  • The firm needed to have a fee structure, that allowed for us to stay within budget