I wish to again reiterate, that the Procter Renovation Committee has an open door policy.  We want to be able to inform everyone of every step, but it’s difficult to balance all the time doing the work, and reporting it back, thus this blog.

As noted at our last Membership meeting, rumors are unavoidable, but facts are truth. For fact check, call or email your President, VP, or Committee members.

This blog will help put to bed some of those rumors.

Committee Members: (As a reminder of who is working on your behalf) Myself, Marty Harman, Thomas Greevy, John Richards and Michael Dapcic

Committee and Other Meetings: We will be doing our best to give a heads up on meetings through the Procter Calendar, however if you wish to attend, please inform me or another Committee Member.  To give you an idea of the volume of meetings that will be occurring in the coming weeks and months we have highlighted them below. Some meetings may not make the Calendar, as they happen impromptu, or otherwise.  There will be the following meetings that will take place:

1. Committee Meetings: Meetings in which we need to make decisions and would be internal.

2. Contract Meetings: Discussing Results of Our reviews of Contract, Our Lawyers Comments, and other Contract Type Meetings

3. Design Meetings: Review of design elements or total by the team from CCI, Architect and NFGA. 

4. Budget Meetings: Review of Monies allocated and Left for Project

5. Quote Meetings: Meetings to review Bids

6. Kick Off Meetings: Kick off Project Construction, and different parts of the process like demolition.

7. Project Meetings: Status of the Project Review Meetings8. Safety Review Meetings

It should be noted that this Committee has been duly appointed to help represent the best interests of the Club, not Procter.  

Our job for the club is to fix Procter. We take that responsibility seriously and will do all with in our power to communicate details that may impact the club.  There is the chance that we will miss stuff that is not communicated but resolved, but for sure the larger stuff, will be front and present.

Further, to attend one meeting or another may make it difficult to really comprehend the impact of one item to another.  So constructive approaches are asked for in the questions and follow through on this process.

Communication to Leadership and Membership:  My pledge as Chair. Any major decision, obstacle, issue, or impactful item will be addressed directly with Trustees, Governors, Members in the correct manner and in accordance with our bylaws.

Decisions on Closures or Temporary Shut Downs: 

No range will be shut down for any length of time beyond what is necessary for work to be completed. Any term that is longer than brief, or more than an hour, will be bought before the Governor of the affected Range, and the Trustee’s if required. Although we can anticipate the impact, and plan accordingly.

Leverage Impact:

We have a plan and have reviewed it with the Safety and Education Team, along with Leverage Governor and President for impact to Club at times during work is (1) being performed and when (2) no work is being performed, so that there is a clear plan and understanding on the impact to the club and due to proximity Leverage.  We have made it very clear that the weekends are for Leverage, and that we will not impact the ability of the competitions and members.  The CM company is on board.

We also have asked for provisions for storage, so that when people come to Leverage on the weekend or during the week, that there is access and parking.  

Recently we walked the perimeter and the junction of Procter area and Leverage with the S/E Team and George the Gov. With measuring devices in hand we believe we marked off the general area of the new Berm that will be protecting Clubhouse, Parking, Stark and Pond while construction is on-going. (Keep in mind we walked and measured with CM, Architect and Engineers recently)

The total impact: The 600 Yard Only line will need to be shut down during the week.  Not the weekend.  Only the week.  Further, we will review the final outcome, but we may lose part or all of Shooting Lane One form 600 yard line. We are moving this berm so that the current footings can be dug out, and the new ones pored without use of excavation trench box.

Whats Next?

(1) Construction Documents are Pending from Architect

(2) Contracts with CM in process for signatures, after questions answered by Architect and CM, as well as a review by NFGA Lawyer.

(3) Once complete above, the bidding will begin.

(4) We believe that word will begin by end of June as of now.