Fellow Members,

The Procter Renovation Committee is proud to bring you updates and important news on the NFGA Procter Range Project through this amazing site Tom created.

As a Membership we have taken a very important step for the future of our club, as we have decided this diamond in the rough, born by our fellow members hands, is something important, needed and a part of our tradition that matters. Its legacy will live on.

This new Blog/Vehicle, will provide updates to members on the Renovation, and (I think) publish pictures and other media for your review.

Lets start with.. Our current state of the project –

We have met with all Construction and Construction Manager Firms and the Committee will have a conference call on Thursday the 11th to discuss who we think is best to lead and complete this project. We will then present it first to the Governors, Trustees and other Committees to review and provide comment. At this point we will announce the decision to Membership and provide details on how the decision was made.

In the mean time, we will meet with the Safety and Ed Team to review the requirements as set forth in by the NRA and in essence our US Government. I know many of you want the details, and we will in time provide everything for your review, but give us time and leeway to get the work done.

Thank you for continued support. Stay Safe

Procter Renovation Committee