Starting in about two weeks, our Construction Manager will be issuing Bid Requests for the first parts of the project, and in the mean time get permits to begin work mid to end of June.

As promised, we want to open this process to those Members who might work in certain parts of the project.  Areas like:

– Electrical

– Demolition

– Finish Work- Roofers


And others.

The only requirements to be added to the bid list:

1. Be a Member in Good Standing (Jr or Sn)

2. Be a worker/owner of that trade, or

3. Have a member of your family that is a worker/owner of a trade.

In other words, not your favorite HVAC guy, unless it’s you, your bother or sister or relative.

Please send message to me by Wednesday May 22nd, next week.  Sorry for the short notice, but we only need the key contact details for now, nothing more.

Send all of the following information:

  1. Company Name:Contact Name:

2. Address:Phone:

3. email of Contact:

4. Web Site of Business:

In addition, please also submit:

  • Your Relation Ship to the above Business: (Work For/Own or Relative Work For/Own)
  • If not you, and Relative is Bidder, Provide your relationship to the Bidder:  (Brother, Mother, Aunt, Cousin, Etc.)
  • Your Membership Number:
  • Your Phone Number:
  • Your Email:

Thank you again. Please let us now if there are any questions.