Hello fellow members. To start, my apologies to our Corresponding Secretary Peter D and the Members, as I was late in Newsletter Submission. A big error on my behalf and I hope all understand no intended disrespect.

I will publish the article next month that has some of what was intended for June.

Now our Renovation Status Check. We have been racking up the hours as the Renovation Committee, Our President, Our Vice President our Safety Committee, and many of our Governors and Trustees as we have been pushing forward and are approaching the final corner before we approve demolition and proceed with a concrete plan.

By the middle of this week we will have all tallied bids in for review and the final selections made based on price, ability and experience. Our Construction Manager (CM) has been working very hard to get us to this point, and has been assisting with all parts of this process.

The final design should be done in the next few weeks, which as of now lacks a few key items like the final mechanical, electrical and facility impact analysis, but we have been commenting on existing design and are close to getting to the final stage.

Later this week we will be meeting with the CM and will review Budget and start to Value Engineer, and add alternates as needed.

We do hope to present this plan to the greater membership in the near future, but our focus, as your representatives, is to get the final project and specification finalized. Our goals have not changed, but the details are mind numbing and with many variables.

Your team is in tune and we at NFGA are looking to begin demolition by the end of June or Start of July. All dependent on achieving a project that must meet the following:

a.     Staying within the existing foot print of current range

b.     Install a New Roof with Insulation inside to help retain heat in the range, and also help encourage melting on the roof of snow. 

c.     A range that will be well lit

d.     A range that will be HEATED. 

e.     A range that has 10 lanes.

f.      A range that will reuse current Bullet Trap

g.     A range that will reuse the target turning system

h.     A range that will have, at minimum, a basic target retrieval system.  (Rope and pulley system at minimum)

i.      We will not have an automated target retrieval system in this budget, but will be considered as an “add alternate” that the contractors will bid on for us to consider.

j.      Will have one of our bathrooms available to all members all year round, even if not qualified on Procter. (Separate Keyed Entrance)

Thank you all for the patience in this process and the faith in your team. Please makes sure you comment or ask questions!

Be Safe!