Procter Range Newsletter – July 2019

Those who have caught my blog posts, know that I made an error last month and again this month.  So please allow me first to note my apologies to our Corresponding Secretary Peter D and the Members, as I was late in Newsletter Submission. A big error on my behalf and I hope, all, understand no intended disrespect.

Most of that article, is now obsolete as we are now entering July.  I know that we had intended to start our project in June, but due to design adjustments and other factors, we are still awaiting the final mechanical design.  That puts our potential start date later into August. 

We have real numbers for 90% of the project, as our Construction Manager had enough to start the bidding process.  The committee has been reviewing, speaking multiple times a week, and have already value engineered some of the project.

It should be noted that these Committee Members who have been working on your behalf are working with many moving parts, that both include our club and all external entities, such as Lawyers and Contracts, Financials, Energy Companies, Demolition Companies and so many others.  All in their spare time (NOT REALLY SPARE…) so if you see the boys, buy them a coffee, say thank you, or just makes sure you say hello.  Because they are representing you in the best and most responsible manner. 

There may be some discussions and voices out there among members, although the blog is very quiet with comments. (Hint, this is a constructive way to bring items of interest, concern or input forward to the members and the committee)

The current item of interest for NFGA is our Mechanical design.  In working with our Safety and Education Committee, our Renovation Committee has set forth clear and precise requirements to the Architect and his mechanical design.  And although we understood our current Architect was new to ranges, we had a unique faith that they could understand what we needed, and deliver both a budget and a design that met all of our goals.  (Check the blog for these goals…)

Based on initial, not ACTUAL, projections the HVAC system that will be specified will require 20% of our original budget to implement. This is not including infrastructure upgrades. 

The committee has challenged the Architect and Engineer to create a cost-effective system that meets our goals.  In addition, we have initiated an additional course of action that will isolate HVAC as a completely separate project.  It involves us (Committee) doing a little additional work to still achieve our budget and goals, with goals being the trump card to anything.

Much has yet to be completed and finalized. You can be sure we will be coming before you as soon as possible, hopefully within a month, to discuss the matter.  It will include hard numbers, timelines, and most importantly access to the committee to address any question or resolve any membership action.

Now to the actual facility.  We are still in operation, even with a few more leaks to report, but our Procter Committee is engaged and still working to make sure the facility is available to you for you use. 

Currently we have suspended qualifications, and will report back if that changes, but we did have a class qualify in May!

3 new members have excelled in the Cross Functional and Procter Rules, while showing true care and safe operation. Congrats to those new qualifiers!

Remember to pay special attention to information from the club, as there may be special meetings or needs that you can help address.

Hope to talk to you soon!

Be safe out there!